Call for Papers


Download Call for Papers .pdf here   中文征稿启事 下载


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

A.→ Advanced Intelligent Control:

Intelligent control theories and methods, multi-agent collaborative control, sensor fusion in intelligent automatic systems;

B.→ Robotic In-Situ Assembly and Manufacturing:

human-robot interaction, intelligent reasoning, motion planning, multi-modal perception, automatic operation;

C.→ Robot Grasping and Manipulation:

grasping planning, grasp synergies, human grasping and manipulation modeling and learning, dexterous manipulation, in-hand manipulation, learning and cognitive development of grasping and manipulation;

D.→ Vision and Navigation:

SLAM, 3D vision, RGB-D Perception, machine vision, vision inspection, scene understanding;

E.→ Bionic Robots and Technologies:

Bionic materials, Mechanism, Ingenious structure;

F.→ Deep Learning and Pattern Recognition:

objection detection, and recognition

G.→ Applications to Autonomous Systems:

unmanned surface vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, spacecrafts, robotic systems, flexible manipulators etc.